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How Etiquette Can Build Business Boosting Results

Dear Entrepreneurs And Readers,


Just had to write this post since there seems to be some confusion about SEO strategies used to boost business and traffic to their websites. So, What exactly it is that I mean by, Etiquette can build boosting results in your business.

There are many strategies used in SEO and one very important and effective still today even after many algorithm changes like Panda, Penguin and the latest one called; Hummingbird is building high quality related backlinks to your website or blog.

The way you do this is by visiting your competitors websites or blogs and leaving positive comments related and associated with the topic and most importantly using etiquette. 

My blog has been in existence since 2009 which online is probably the equivalent of 10 years in off-line business. I cover a wide range of topics related to Online Business, Home Business, Marketing, SEO, Social Media and other related topics and for that reason the Search Engines like the fresh quality articles and posts that in essence bring my blog free traffic and other blog owners who leave comments but they forget one crucial element of leaving a comment, ” Etiquette “. 

And this is the reason those comments never get approved by me personally since this is one area I choose not to outsource because I personally read all comments and exchange dialogue if the someone has concerns they would like to discuss.

The way to get comments approved by blog or website owners is by showing etiquette when writing comments on other sites. If the topic is about, ( Marketing ) for example. Then don’t leave a comment advertising your furniture store. It is not related to the blog or topic and more then likely your comment will not get approved.

First, Find other sites that are related to your site and then simply read the articles or posts on that site and leave intellectually thought out comments that compliment that website or blog and leave your real name, your website link and a great comment. Most high ranking sites will accept your comment and therefore will approve your comment and in return you will get a high quality link back to your site which will increase your reputation among the Search Engines and will reward your site by increase your rankings and send you quality free traffic.

It is as simple as that. Very basic but very effective and your website can overcome all the algorithm changes that continue to advance as technology advances too. It is a way to bullet proof your site and build business boosting results. Happy Blogging!

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